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  1. Every time I cross here, I almost get hit by a car trying to enter the free way. This needs a safe place to walk and bike to cross the freeway in order to reach the Livermore biking trails.

  2. I once was almost hit here, because I rode my bike on the sidewalk northbound, didn’t realize the outer lane was a carpool lane, and had road tires so I couldn’t go right onto the dirt path directly.

    The situation with this overcrossing is totally unacceptable, even for CalTrans’. It and Springtown Boulevard are the only urban-destination freeway crossings in the TriValley that combine a lack of bike lanes with a single-side sidewalk.

    At least Springtown doesn’t force you to choose between mounting a dirt patch or riding backwards in an active traffic lane. Plus, Fallon is arguably more important because of the useful connection to the Arroyo Mocho trail.

    Completely ridiculous. It’s 2020. Fix it.

  3. I have the exact same problem! I cross oftentimes for years and it’s terrifying. It needs to be safer and friendly for bikes/peds, especially since the outlets attract so much out of town traffic. It would be good for business between shopping centers too. I cross the overpass here to get to the Livermore biking trails too, which are extensive and actually well done, because they’re dedicated bike paths and not just a bike lane on the street where cars are barreling down. The sections between intersections Dublin Blvd/Fallon to El Charro/Stoneridge needs to be improved. It’s very difficult to cross the street especially on the Dublin side as there’s no crosswalk on Fallon nor even a bike lane.

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